Founded in Arad 20 years ago, the Sea of ​​Spa cosmetics store is today known as
one of the leading brands in the field of innovative production of quality products
based on Dead Sea minerals.

Today, our company operates in more than 60 countries and has recently
launched a new line of cosmetic products called Black Pearl. This line has received
many awards both for the quality of the products and for their design.

The company is famous for its wide variety of products and their exceptional
quality. What is more, with different kinds of products presented, the company can
offer its customers individual solutions that are most acceptable to everyone of them.
The effectiveness of the company's products has been proven by many years of
use. Particularly, the Sea of Spa cosmetics has shown great results in treatment of
various skin disorders, such as seborrhea, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. That is why
this cosmetics is sold and bought worldwide.

Our factory store offers visitors hundreds of products featuring a large selection
of creams, salts, muds, soaps and other cosmetics based on Dead Sea minerals
combined with oils, vitamins and other ingredients that our skin needs so much.

We also offer medicines that help to get rid of joint pain, vein problems as well
as help in the treatment and prevention of diabetes and its associated complications.
Our team of highly qualified and experienced therapists is always at your
service, so if you ever come up with any questions, feel free to ask them and they will
provide you will all necessary information.

All prices at our store are equal to those at the factory.

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About our store

The high quality of our products is due to an indisputable fact: we have a deep
understanding of how the unique combination of an innovative business approach
together with the healing power of the Dead Sea natural minerals can lead to the most
positive outcome and bring the most excellent results.
The company is represented in more than 60 countries presenting a great variety
of treatment options to our clients.
Having developed the diverse design and, more importantly, the high
effectiveness of the products, our company has received numerous international
awards. We are always ready to do our best to offer you the finest solutions and
approach every individual problem from different directions.
Visit our website and get your own impression of the variety and quality of our