The healing mud of the Dead Sea (featuring black and grey mud) is one of the
most remarkable wonders of this area.
Having been formed thousand of years ago as a result of numerous floods, the
composition of the healing mud is nothing less than a unique phenomenon of the
Dead Sea.

The mud is known for its enormous physical benefits, especially those in
preventing skin aging and improving its overall condition. It also helps to heal
wounds and treat skin diseases, such as acne and psoriasis, to relieve joint pain as
well as to calm down and reduce stress.

For centuries, these mineral muds have been used as the basis for producing
cosmetics in the Dead Sea area.

We recommend you to carefully apply the mud to all parts of the body, then wait
for it to dry completely — for about 20-30 minutes depending on the season — and
then just enjoy having smooth and young skin.

At Ein Gedi you will have the unique opportunity to have access to the Dead
Sea’s distinct mud baths. We provide exceptional mud treatment services developed
by our team of massage therapists.

Be sure to take your chance and restore mind and body after a stressful day by
enjoying a nice long soak in the waterfall therapy baths that combine two pleasant
features at once: washing away the mud and receiving a relaxing massage from the