Sulfur pools or springs of eternal youth of the Dead Sea

Since ancient times, the Dead Sea has been famous for its mineral springs
scattered all over its coast. For millions of years, this is where the ancient sulfur
waters have been circulating, originating in the depths of The Judaean Desert and
flowing into the Dead Sea.

Sulfur water, rich in mineral salts, is known for its remarkable physical benefits:
it has a unique ability to heal your skin and prevent skin diseases, to treat arthritis and
relieve muscle tension, it also serves as a remedy for joint pain, what is especially
beneficial for elderly patients suffering from osteoporosis. Sulfur water brings relief
from rheumatic pain, makes you feel youthful and full of energy, gives mental and
physical strength, helps to overcome the feeling of exhaustion that is so common in
today’s world.

Stay fresh and strong, and feel at least ten year younger with our resort and spa.
Natural thermal mineral pools:

• The resort has 6 pools: 2 pools for male, 2 for female and 2 mixed (both for
male and female).

• The natural temperature of the water in them reaches 38-40 degrees.

• The water is pumped and flows first to the sulfur pools, and then to the sea.

With no chemicals added and with no processing of water made, our pools
offer nothing but a unique experience of diving into a natural pool.

• Pool water temperature is dependent on weather conditions.

• Recommended use is a 15-minute dive into the pool, then 10-minutes rest and
then dive again.

• Be sure to drink a lot of water during and after the dive.

• Entrance to the sulfur pools is allowed from the age of 14.

• People suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems are strictly
forbidden to enter the pool without a permission of a doctor!

• Pregnant women are strictly prohibited from entering / staying in the sulfur
pool area.

The unique mineral composition and high concentration of minerals in the water
make the pools the best sulfur springs in the world.
Important: we have recently deepened well drilling, what resulted in hotter and more
concentrated water.